DYNO Hire: MAHA Dynamometer

MAHA MSR 500 4WD Dyno, Hourly Or Daily Rental


MAHA MSR 500 4WD Dyno hire, hourly or daily rental

We are exceptionally proud of our Maha dyno facility, which we officially opened back in 2014. Our Maha MSR500 allows us to offer power runs and ECU mapping on one of the most advanced 4 wheel drive dyno systems on the market. We have fitted ours with twin retarders, which enable us to complete power runs on vehicles up to 1800 bhp. Within days of completing the building of our dyno facility we performed the first high power run on a Litchfield tuned GT-R which returned a peak power of 1200 bhp. Since then the dyno has been in constant use and has proven to be an invaluable tool due to its consistency and accuracy.

MAHA Dynamometer

While this is the the limit recommended by the manufactures. The key thing here is how much power we can actually properly put down onto all 4 rollers. We have had cars just under 700bhp on our dyno to date. Much more than that and we'll start to get issues with wheel slip giving us inaccurate readings.

Accurate Repeatable Results

Whenever we have a newer standard car on our dyno we are constantly impressed with how accurate the results are compared with what the manufactures quote. As well as this our dyno is calibrated every week to make sure the results you get are as accurate as possible.

Suitable for FWD, RWD and Motorbikes

We can even cater for most modern 4WD systems like Xdrive and Haldex as they can be switched into 2WD mode.

1 Hour / 3 Power Runs

Including dyno printouts

Full Day Dyno Rental

Includes dyno printouts, includes dyno operative.

DYNO Checklist

A few checks that are essential before the big day for your car:

  • Full tank of fuel (The same fuel you always intend to use)
  • Oil Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Tyre pressures
  • No Binding Brakes
  • Fluid leaks (Any fluid leaks are unacceptable on the dyno as it can pose a very serious fire risk. If you do have any leaks then you will be refused access to the dyno until rectified).

On the day you will also be asked to fill out and sign our dyno declaration. Please download below.