Mini Challenge: Hybrid Tune Motorsport

Currently Running 2 Mini JCW's, 2 Caterham's & 2 Citroen C1's. Trackside Support Packages Available


Official ECU Calibrations For: Mini Challenge, Citroen C1 Challenge & BRSCC City Car Cup Series.

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Race Car Building

With a fleet of cars competing and winning in multiple series, we know how to build a successful race car. Bespoke builds from bare shell preparation through to a race-ready product. We have an extensive workshop with engine and gearbox ‘clean room’ which is perfect for any custom fabrications. Inhouse electrical system design and manufacture are also available. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Race Preperation

With many race series having very strict power to weight ratios in place, dyno testing is vital. It's important to have an engine calibration that gives the highest performance on track without adding ballast to the car. With bespoke maps, we're able to match the target power and torque to weight targets within 0.5bhp and 1nm. Good preparation is key to a race-winning performance. Whether it’s a dyno session and ECU calibration or full geometry and suspension set up we’ve got you covered.

Trackside Support

We take all the hard work out of your time at the circuit. Whether it’s a track day or test day making the most out of your time on track is what it’s all about. Hybrid Tune’s trackside sport package includes everything from passing scrutineering to making sure you get out on track at the right time. We’ll take care of maintenance, refuelling, tyre pressures, suspension set up, data analysis etc. All in double quick time so you can maximise your circuit time.

Race Results Speak Louder Than Dyno Sheets

Hybrid Tune was founded in 2014. Motorsport has always been at the core of our business. We are strong believers that if your work can stand up in Motorsport then your doing something right.  At the end of the day lap times and race results always speak louder than dyno sheets. To this day we have carried out numerous engine calibrations on race cars still currently racing and winning in the UK.
When we started our own race team in 2017 we won the Mini Challenge Cooper series at the first attempt. It’s this level of attention to detail that drives us in our day to day work.
“Sam Weller” Owner